Thanks in part to expanding technology and easier access to the internet, rugby betting online has increased over the past few years. In Australia, particularly, rugby betting is one of the most popular kinds of sports betting. With a large number of rugby teams representing a range of countries and continents, Aussies love to bet on as many teams and games as they can without having to travel and watch the games live.

With sports betting online, betting on rugby games has never been easier. You can now place your bets right in your own home or even on your Smart Phone while you’re watching the game somewhere else! Plus, online sports betting has the advantage of allowing you to research the players, past games, and betting types which is not something you can always do when you’re at the competition in person.

A History of the Sport

Rugby is one of the most beloved sports in the world. It originated in England in the early 19th Century and other countries began establishing their own rugby teams soon after. By the late 1800’s, England and Scotland had their first rugby competition. The Rugby Football Union was established as the governing body to oversee the rules and regulations of the Rugby Union and it wasn’t very long before other countries developed an interest in competition. In 1883, the first international rugby competition was organized and included teams from Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Italy. By the early 1900’s, there were competitive rugby teams in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and more countries throughout the world. With so many rugby teams, international competitions were inevitable and this enhanced the sport’s burgeoning popularity.

Overview of the Game

Rugby Union teams have 15 players each. These include 8 forwards and 7 substitutes. During the matchups, the goal is for one team to score more points than the other. Rugby is a highly physical sport and for that reason the players train vigorously throughout the year, even when they’re not actually playing. Since there are so many countries involved in rugby, however, the season lasts almost the whole year. There’s always someone playing a matchup!

While teams compete in many games throughout the year, there are three major Rugby Union competitions that everyone wants to win. These are the Six Nations Championship, The Rugby Championship, and the Rugby World Cup. The Six Nations Championship is held every year in Europe. The competing teams are from Scotland, England, France, Wales, Ireland, and Italy. The Rugby Championship is also held every year, but is played in the Southern Hemisphere and the competing teams are from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa. The most prestigious rugby tournament is the Rugby World Cup and it is held every four years. Teams from twenty different countries compete in it and the competitions last for a month. The Webb Ellis Cup trophy, the highest honor in all of rugby union, goes to the winning team.

Rugby Betting

Traditional betting and exotic betting are the two main kinds of bets you’re looking at when you’re using sports betting online for rugby. A good bookie will be able to offer you advice on these bets when you’re making them so it’s important to research the bookmaker you use and find one that you’re comfortable with.

Traditional Betting

In traditional betting you’re looking at Head to Head betting, Handicap Betting, and Final Score Betting. Although there are others to consider, too, these are the most popular and if you’re new to sports betting then these are probably the ones that you’re going to want to start out with.
The simplest of the traditional betting methods is the Head to Head betting. Here, you just pick the team that you think is going to win. If they win, you win. It’s an easy bet to make but the downside is that the payoff isn’t as high as it can be with other betting methods.
Similar to Head to Head betting, Handicap uses plus or minus points (the handicap) which are assigned to the teams and you pick a team to win by more or less than the handicap. This can potentially make the game a little more exciting for the better and has a greater earning potential than simple Head to Head betting.

Bettors try to determine the final score in Final Score betting. This might sound like a shot in the dark but the bookie such offer a range of points that you will bet on, rather than trying to come up with the number on your own.

Exotic Betting

Exotic bets are truly an exciting aspect of betting although they can be a little more complicated. Still, they tend to be pretty profitable if you win. These bets normally consist of placing wagers on individual plays and teams rather than just wagering on the outcome of a matchup. The odds and payout potential will vary by bookmaker. The most common kinds of exotic bets are 1st Team to Score, 1st Scoring Play, Season Points betting, and Championship predictions.

1st Team to Score and 1st Scoring Play

In 1st team to score and 1st scoring plat the punter picks the team that they believe will get the first score in the game. In the 1st scoring play bet, the player to make the first score of the game can win this bet for a punter. One of the great things about this bet is that it definitely makes the first few minutes of the game pretty exciting.

Season Points

In season points, a bet is placed on the number of points a team will attain in the whole season. If you’re an avid rugby fan this might be a good option for you because it means that you get to watch all of the games in a heightened sense of excitement, wondering if your one bet will payoff for you by the end of the season. The bookie will usually place a margin on the bet so that a punter doesn’t have to guess the exact number to win.

Championship Predictions

In championship predictions, you place a bet on the rugby team, or teams, that you think will make it to the championship. You’ll normally place these bets at the beginning of the season and the odds themselves can change as the season wears on.