People have been betting on horse races for thousands of years now and it’s not something that is declining in popularity. You can trace horse racing back to ancient Egypt and today thoroughbred racing is hailed as one of the most respected and beautiful sports around. In fact, gorgeous thoroughbred farms are located all over the world and even members of several royal families have horses that they race in some of the biggest races.

Horse racing has been popular in Australia for a long time. Indeed, Australia is the third largest horse racing country in the world. The prominent Melbourne Cup is one of the most sought after achievements in all of horse racing and there are even international competitors in it. There are, at present time, three kinds of horse racing in Australia: steeplechase racing, harness racing, and thoroughbred racing. Thoroughbred racing is definitely the most famous and has a huge following of fans, sponsors, and sports bettors all over the world.

Betting Online

Now that you can engage in online sports betting it’s never been easier to make a wager on your favorite horse race, no matter where it’s being held! Not only is online horse race betting convenient, there are several bookmakers available any time and any day of the week to help bettors make wagers or offer some friendly betting advice. Before placing a bet, it’s advisable for punters to shop around with the different bookies in order to see how their odds measure up against one another. You can even go with more than one bookmaker in order to maximize your odds and payoff potential. Of course, it’s all in good fun, too, and since horse racing is such a beautiful and exciting sporting event it would be incredibly hard not to enjoy yourself in the process!

Horse Race Betting

When it comes to horse betting, online is probably the best option since bets can be placed from the convenience of your own home and computer. This also allows you to compare odds from several different bookmakers and provides access to tips and other useful information that you don’t always have in person. You can place your bets online and then watch the horse races from your home or computer, too, which makes online sports betting even more convenient.

Even though the Melbourne Cup is the most famous horse racing competition in Australia, you’re not limited to only betting on it. With sports betting online you can now bet on races in different countries, too. It’s good to have some knowledge and experience with the current betting types that are used in horse race betting. The most popular bets are “exotic bets”, “multi-bets”, and the traditional “win and place bets”.

Exotic Bets

In horse race betting, the exotic bets can often be the most complicated, but also the most exciting and have the biggest payoffs. The exotic bets are the Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, and the Quadrella. The Quinella bet allows a bettor to pick the horses they think will come in first and second place in the race in no particular order. In the Exacta bet, the bettor must decide the exact order of the two horses for the bet to be successful. In the Trifecta, punters choose the top three horses they think will finish the race in first, second, and third place. The horses have to win in this order. The Quadrella allows bettors to choose four winning horses in four different races.


In multi-bets you can expect to find All Up betting and Parlay betting. All Up allows the bettors to pick one or more horses to win or place in a few different races. All of the selections must be a success for the bet to be considered a win. In Doubles betting, punters choose two winners of two races; if their selected horses win, the bet is a success. The multi-bets can have different variables and can last for many races, but they’re also exciting.
Win and Place Bets
If you’re new to horse race betting or want to make a simple bet then you’re probably likely to go with a win and place bet. These are traditional horse racing bets and although they’re easy to make, they’re still a lot of fun. In fact, the Win, Place, and Show are the most common bets. When you say “Win, place, and show” you’re simply referring to “first, second, and third”. You can pick the horse you think will come in first in a race and, if you’re right, you’ll get the “win” bet. It’s the same for “show” and “place.”

Being Successful

Don’t be put off by the fact that the Win, Place, and Show bets are the simplest ones-they can yield a good payoff, depending on how much you bet. They’re also a good way of getting your feet wet if you’re new to horse race betting online. While they might be simple bets, it’s still important to understand how the racing works. Lots of factors can go into choosing which horse you think is going to be a winner. Although looking at the odds is helpful, keep in mind that track conditions often play a huge part in how a horse will run that day.
Studying the horses, researching their past races, and keeping track and weather conditions in mind can help you be a more informed punter. It can also help you be a more profitable one!