Without a doubt, golf is one of the world’s most well-liked sports. With golf courses in nearly every country and players ranging from amateur hobbyists to seasoned professionals, it’s a game enjoyed by people of many shapes, sizes, and ages. It’s also an extremely popular game to make wagers on, especially when it comes to online sports betting.

Scotland is the home of modern golf which purportedly started sometime during the 15th century. All of Britain was playing the game by the 1600’s and it had spread to the now United States by the late 1770’s. These days you can even find first class golf courses in traditionally desert regions such as Dubai.

Aussies love golf these days. The PGA Tour of Australia was developed in the 1970’s and there are many golf tournaments held around the world every year that Australians love to place bets on. Golf betting online has increased significantly and has allowed golf enthusiasts to bet on games in other countries at a convenience that they didn’t see in the past.

A great thing about betting sports online is that you don’t have to be there to place your bet-you just need to be at your computer! You are now able to place several bets at once and even check the current odds so that you can make the best possible decision when it comes to your wager.

Types of Golf Bets

There are several different betting types available for golf betting online. The most popular types include: Top 5 Betting and Top 10 Betting, Individual Round Betting, Money Line to Win Betting, and Matchup Betting.

Top 5 and Top 10 Betting

As the names imply, in Top 5 and Top 10 betting, the bettors choose the golfer they believe will place in either the top 5 or the top 10. This method of betting is different than what you usually see in other sports, however, the winning can be a little easier since it’s so flexible. On the other hand, the potential yield isn’t always as high since the bet isn’t as specific as other wagers. Before you make a wager it’s advisable to check with the bookmaker to see what the odds and payoff are going to be. The most popular and skilled golfers generally have the highest odds.

Individual Round Betting

In a PGA tournament there are normally four rounds of golf played and the golfer who averages the best score of all four rounds wins. In Individual Round Betting the bettor can select the golfer they think most likely to win one individual round. An advantage to this type of bet is that they don’t have to wait until all four rounds have been played in order to win their bet. Although it’s a simple kind of betting, it’s also one of the most popular.

Money Line to Win Betting

Since no odds are placed to winning an event, betting on golf can be a complicated process. A money line is normally placed on each individual golfer and those making wagers must pay special attention to the favored golfers if they want to know how much winning potential their bet has. Because the payoff is usually greater, betting on the underdog is often worth the risk. In a money line to win bet, you might see something that shows the golfers name, followed by a number, such as +150. This means that if you wager $10 on that golfer you stand to win $150.

Matchup Betting

In matchup betting, the person making the odds will take two golfers in the tournament and pair them up together (say an underdog and a favorite). If you want to win the matchup bet then the golfer you choose has to finish in front of the other golfer in the matchup.

Betting Opportunities

With so many different tournaments and golf games every year there are lots of opportunities to place bets and get some nice payoffs. The more you study the games and the players, and the more you get the hang of making the different bets, the more successful you’ll be in golf betting. There are four major golf tournaments and championships to bet on every year in Australia. These are the: U. S. Masters Tournament, U.S. Open Championship, British Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. You’ll find the best players in the world in these tournaments and the games usually prove to be pretty exciting. Additional golf competitions held throughout the year include the Australian Open, Australian PGA Championship, Victorian Open, FedEx Cup, and The Barclays. There are lots of opportunities to participate in golf betting online.

Before going with one particular bookmaker you might want to check out a few since different bookies also have different types of bets you can place as well. In golf betting online, it’s also advisable to have more than one account so you can check the odds of each golf game you want to bet on in order to improve your winnings.

Some Betting Tips

To be successful in sports betting online you really need to know as much about the sport, the players, and the betting process as possible. It doesn’t hurt to study the golf course they’re playing on and to have a good understanding of how the weather conditions can affect the game, too. Lots of factors go into determining how a game will go. Since rain and wind can offer challenging circumstances knowing how the different golfers react to these elements can affect your betting strategy.

You might want to use the ‘net for your research when it comes to online sports betting because you’ll be able to find out last year’s positions and keep updated with the players and what’s going on with them. When you place your bets you’ll want to keep abreast of any recent poor performances or illnesses the players might be suffering from which could affect how they play in the tournament you’re betting on.

If you don’t understand the bet you’re placing then find out more information before you pass any money on it. Ask questions and educate yourself as much as possible. Online sports betting can be fun and profitable, just as long as you’re prepared!